Choosing Your Domain Name

Pam discusses choosing the domain name with her clients and can buy it on their behalf. This is a very important part of  designing your website and cannot be rushed. Below is some information for you about domain names.

Setting Up Your Domain Name

An essential part of setting up  your website is registering your domain name. Your domain name is your calling card. It is what people will remember, or tell others when referring to your site.  Therefore, it is important that you choose a name that is unique to you and your site, and reflects your business. You will be telling people this name, so make it easy to repeat verbally. Hyphens or dashes are not recommended!

The shorter the name, the better. Also it’s best, if you can, to register the .com as it’s still the most universally recognised. If your business is  UK based, the may well be the best option for you.

Once your domain name is registered, the fee needs to be renewed annually. You are not buying it, but renting it. Beware of certain companies who try to get you to pay a high premium for your renewal. Any letters received through the post are trying to take advantage of you and should be ignored.

You don’t need to have your domain name registered with the same company that is used for hosting, however it is recommended. If you want Pam to design your site she will take care of registering a domain name for you.

Be aware that some companies offer you really cheap  domain names, but their hosting service is lousy!

For a monthly fee of £14 Pam offers safe and secure hosting, back up and daily maintenance. Plus she sorts things out for you if anything goes wrong. See Hosting>