Want to shine with your new website?

Are you looking for a designer to help you bring your vision to the world?

If so, then these are the questions to ask yourself:
  1. Do you want something impressive and professional but have a limited budget?
  2. Don’t know where to start and would like a holistic designer who understands your profession and your audience? Plus someone who’s experienced?
  3. Do you have plans for a brochure and thinking that’s enough? It can be out of date quickly as your work develops. A website that you can adapt and grows with you is the answer.
  4. Are you able to build your client list and database for your services, events and products by gathering email addresses and contact details? Or do you lose those precious contacts you make by networking and referrals?
  5. Are you creating a relationship with your existing clients? Your website can be interactive, allowing feed back and comments.

HERE’S THE ANSWER: A website that you can easily and quickly update:-

  • Add new events . . . Add new services . . . Add new products
  • Add new testimonials as they arrive
  • Announce special offers . . Share your latest news
  • Take payments for your events, services and products.
  • Receive feed back instantly from your clients and customers

You can do all this without bothering a web designer who may not be keen (or have the time) to do these minor changes for you. Or they might charge you by the hour when it only takes 15 minutes!

It’s vital to put fresh information and articles onto a website to keep it alive and vibrant. It reflects you and – just like you- its always evolving. PLUS it’s even better if you can do this yourself as it’s your energy.

Pam offers you a website that is professionally and beautifully designed AND at a reasonable price

Pam designs websites with your unique branding, your logo, your pics, and using your favourite colours. She offers her design skills and her passion to empower you to shine in the world.


  • FLEXIBILITY. Complete flexibility over the content. You can add pages when you want to, with an easy to use Dashboard that you access online. No need to learn (or buy) complicated software or get to grips with ‘ftp’ language.
  • EASY If you can use Word and email you have all the skills needed!
  • YOURS. You get to keep your domain name and webmail with unlimited email addresses.
  • FAST.Your website can be up and running in a week, from buying the domain name to being online. You just need to have your basic content ready!
  • COMMERCIAL. You can operate a commercial site and sell your services, events and products online. (Free blogs such as Blogger or WordPress .com won’t let you do this. If you do they close you down!)
  • GOOGLE FRIENDLY. Your website gets picked up by search engines immediately. (Your ‘normal’ static website takes weeks or months for Google to find new content.)
  • FUN. Its really great fun to add new content, new pages, new pics and YouTube.
  • BUILD A FOLLOWING Using a newsletter sign up form you can invite people to subscribe to your posts.


  • KEEP EXISTING BLOG CONTENT. If you already have a free blog Pam can move an existing blog with all its content (Typepad, Blogger, WordPress.com) over to your new site.
  • BLOG OR NORMAL WEBSITE It can be a blog or a website or a combination of both -it’s your choice.
  • SUIT YOUR MOOD You can ‘blog’ as much or as little as you want – every day, once a week or monthly. Or it can be a regular website.

Take a look at the Portfolio for just a few of the websites that Pam has designed.  Contact Pam for more info and a chat to discuss launching your website to the world!