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Free WordPress Videos

There are many videos on YouTube, however this website has useful short videos on using WordPress. Its easy to subscribe for a series of introductory videos.


All images on the web are protected by copyright. Even if the copyright is not mentioned, you should assume that they are. Using them without permission is illegal. Copyright laws are strict.

Be aware that sites called free wallpaper not free- the images are only to be used on your computer, not on your website.

You need to use Photo Libraries (Fotolia is a good one and resonable in price) or make sure the images you use are in the public domain. See 16 Sources for free public domain and cc0-licensed images

Free beautiful high resolution pictures can be found at However they are huge files.

Editing Images

Pictures can take up a huge amount of space and slow your site down. Its best to edit them first, especially if you are uploading them from your mobile phone or a camera.

These are the specifications you’ll need:-

72 dpi with a maximum width of 1038 pixels for a slider, 700 pixels for a full width image, depending on your theme. Featured images are best cropped first. The maximum size is 300 x 300, but a smaller size works well too at 200 x 200.

This page offers tips on images Beginners guide how to fix common image issues in WordPress

PicMonkey offers two plans — Premium and Supremium. The Premium plan costs $7.99 if billed monthly, and $5.99 per month if billed annually. The Supremium plan is available only for annual billing and costs $8.99 per month
See is a source for inspiration.

Free Fonts

Google fonts are free and can be used on your website and business card. Google Fonts